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How to Survive as a
College Freshman

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Should I Drop a Class?

Calculating Expenses


Will I Like My Roommate?

What Should I Take to College?

How to Survive as a
College Freshman

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Cool things YOU get when you order the book

How to Survive as a College Freshman

  • How to Take Notes and Pass

  • How to Study

  • Choosing the Best Professors

  • How to Plan Classes
  • How to Meet Dates
  • How to Make Friends

  • A great CHECK LIST of what to take with you
    (And, what not to take!).
  • Should You Bring A Car?

  • How to Manage Your Money

  • What About A Computer?

  • Tips on How to Protect Your Stuff

  • Plus, many more SPECIAL INSIDE TIPS
    from upper-class students to help you make it

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