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2-24-05 Letter from Paul Smith



Hello to you all,


I just wanted to update everyone on the cancer situation.  The 5 year mark since diagnosis is approaching (mar 8) and no known new cancer is showing on the tests, though there is a continued growth in my brain.  It is inoperable in the sense they can't get it all, but they are going to take as much as they can on Mar 15 at Louisville NOrton hospital.  SO anothe brain surgery is in the offing.  It scares me a bit for anyone to be poking around in my head...but maybe this will be the last one and I can get off the drugs (steroids), sometimes I think the treatment is worse than the disease.  I weigh over 200 pounds now...I know, shocking to most of you who know I've haven't weighed more than 150 most of my life!  I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you guys have sent and hope to continue to to get mail from you!  I love you all...thanks again, and I or someone from here will hopefully update you when they know something!  Until then I will continue to send "knee-mail" and know He'll do what's right.  Hope to hear from you soon!  Love,